Issue #5's Discussion Co-Host

We are VERY pleased to announce this month’s discussion co-host for the issue focusing on Batman: Dark Tomorrow: the game’s principle story writer and comic book scribe Scott Peterson!

Working as a former DC Comics editor for Batman-related titles – including the flagship Detective Comics – Peterson went on to become the regular writer on Batman: The Gotham Adventures (based off of The New Batman Adventures), as well as co-writing the ongoing Batgirl series. He also served as the primary writer for the stories of both Dark Tomorrow, as well as the sole story credit on 2002’s Xbox exclusive Superman: The Man of Steel. Scott also has a plethora of creator-owned prose books to his credit, including the Uncivil War series, and the young adult novel Game Over.

We’ll be recording our discussion with Scott very soon, with issue #5 dropping not long afterward! Stay tuned! In the meantime, visit Scott’s blog!