Chris Clow's STAR TREK Podcast Releases a COMICS ON CONSOLES-Like Episode

As Chris is still developing issue #11 of Comics on Consoles, fans of the show may be interested to learn that the latest episode of his other show, Discovery Debrief: A Star Trek Podcast, features an analysis very much in the vein of any issue of the show dedicated to superhero games.

From the episode synopsis:

Co-host Chris Clow (, Comics on Consoles) is going solo to discuss just some of the STAR TREK franchise's expansive history in the interactive medium of video games. Take a guided tour through most of the biggest TREK game releases since the early 1990's, find out which games treated the canon of the series with the most respect, along with which games bombed worse than a quantum torpedo.
Finally, discover how the latest entry — STAR TREK: BRIDGE CREW — stacks up against other, meritorious games in the franchise with a full review of both the base game, and the recent DLC based on THE NEXT GENERATION!

Download and listen to the episode by clicking here, and be sure to follow @DSCDebrief on Twitter and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcasting app if you'd like more STAR TREK in your life.