December 6th, 2015

In this special "Point One" issue, host Chris Clow delves into the history for a comic book video game that came close to being released, but never ended up making it to store shelves: Encore and 5000ft Games' Daredevil, for the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube. Although it made it far enough along in production to get a great E3 2002 trailer and printed ads across Marvel's entire active publication line, this ambitious-looking third-person action game's cancellation ultimately never allowed gamers to don the horned, crimson mask of Marvel's "Man Without Fear."

What could it have been like, though? Would it have been something memorable that we still happily play today? Or, would it have joined the likes of Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis and Superman 64 and found a home at the bottom of a bargain bin? Listen in to see where this game may have ended up going, and learn what ultimately stopped it from being released.

Plus, Chris gives an update on issue #3!

Music by and Gabriel Yeong.