October 24th, 2015

In a (hopefully) infrequent occurrence without a discussion co-host, Comics on Consoles returns for its second issue to tackle perhaps one of the most reviled comic book video games ever made: 2003's Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis. Join host Chris Clow as he dives into the troubled production of the mediocre game, and discovers that the final product may have been more costly than its simple and cheap $19.99 price tag.

What series of decisions ultimately led to such a poorly received and regarded video game? What damage did the game do to its subject character, who already has enough trouble appealing to the public at-large? And - perhaps more importantly than all of these questions - what toll did the game take on the people who actually made it? The answers to these and more will likely surprise you, so be sure to listen in!

Plus, Chris announces the subject of issue #3!

Theme music by BenSound.com. "Aquaman" performed by Grandpa Griffith, available on iTunes and Amazon.

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