Comics on Consoles is a solo endeavor by writer Chris Clow (Movies.comBatman-On-FilmHuffington Post) that aims to bring together frank and in-depth discussion about comic book characters, their history, and their exploitations in the video game medium.

In one part of each two-part episode, Chris will broadcast a select amount of representative gameplay from one of the monthly subject games on Twitch, and talk through specific elements to give context to the later discussion.

Then, in the podcast, he will use his knowledge as a gamer and seasoned comic book fan, former retailer, and commentator – with the occasional guest – to dig into the game itself, the character(s) showcased, as well as the character’s comics, while also talking about the development and reception(s) of the featured games, and the occasional personal perspective of each of these elements. Of course, a major focus of the podcast will also be in how the subject game has helped or hurt the legacy of the character(s) it showcases.

Whether the game is cream-of-the-crop spectacular (like Batman: Arkham Asylum or Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2), or bottom-of-the-barrel terrible (like Thor: God of Thunder or Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis), it’s all fair game when talking Comics on Consoles!

You can’t fake it, you have to make games you’re passionate about...don’t try to second guess the market, or dumb a game down or make them super-hard. We’re just making a game that we all enjoy and hopefully that passion comes through when people play it.
— Sefton Hill, Director of the 'Batman: Arkham' series